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Bengal Cats are not wild contrary to many people's opinion. They were bred from the crosses of the Asian Leopard and domestic cats. And, now they are extremely popular since they make good pets and have a beautiful leopard-like coat. The breed is said to be more domestic than wild, yet it has retained some of the habits peculiar for a wild animal such as climbing trees. Nowadays, almost all major organizations recognize the breed and it is eligible for showing.
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Bengal Cats - Description

These are large cats that can reach the size of 15 pounds. Females are usually smaller than males with the average weight being 8-10 pounds. They are robust rather than delicate and have a well-developed muscle structure. The legs should be slightly longer in the back than in the front. The feet are large and rounded. A broad head that may seem slightly small in proportion to the body characterizes the breed. The muzzle is broad and has prominent whiskers with high cheekbones.

Bengal Cats - Coat

The Bengal cat has a very soft short to medium coat that is slightly longer in kittens. It is thick and luxurious and comes in various color patterns. Some Bengal cats may have a traditionally dark background color with stripes and spots. Others are called snows since the background color is creamy or pale white. It is desirable for Bengal Cats to have glitter.

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